BoDream Expedition #2 (Atlantic Cup Coast)

Our Second Bodacious Dream Expedition begins on May 11th … and it will cover the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City and onto Newport, Rhode Island!

Atlantic Eastern SeaboardThe occasion for this next expedition is the highly competitive Atlantic Cup Race. The “Expedition” part of the experience will happen at the same time as the “Race” part.

The Atlantic Cup Race which co-skippers Dave Rearick, Matt Scharl aboard Bodacious Dream competed in last year will commence on Saturday, May 11th in Charleston, South Carolina and head up to New York City … a distance of 800 miles.  After a stopover in NYC, the race will conclude in Newport, Rhode Island, where a series of inshore competitions will take place.

Just as he was in the first Bodacious Dream Expedition of the Baja Peninsiula, Dave will be armed with video cameras, still cameras and a satellite communications connection so we can bring you stories, photos and videos from along the way.

To get you started, here’s a link to some information on the waters of  what we’re calling  Atlantic “Cup” Coast!

And be sure to check out our Explorer Guides to help the younger folks in your life (Kids, grandkids, younger siblings, students, etc.) engage with the journey!

So come on, Jump on board!

Dave Rearick - (Bodacious Dreamer)