Baja Photos

Day View/ Night View
4.04.13 – Day View/ Night View

Jonathan Gearing Up for Foul Weather
4.04.13 – Jonathan gears up for foul weather 

Dave all duded up for foul weather
4.04.13 – Bring it on!

Google Earth/Ocean BDX 6

Sunset near Punto San Carlos4.03.13 – Sunset off Cedros Island

The Bo IV Crew (4 out 5, anyway)
4.03.13 – Capt. Tim, Jonathan, Heather & Dave …

Capt. Tim & Dastardly Jonathan
4.03.13 – The Pranksters … Tim and Jonathan

Pondering David
4.03.13 – Can’t remember what I was thinking here … something “deep” I’m sure.

Turtle Bay Fuel Service4.02.13 – Señor Enrique’s Welcoming Launch

Approaching Turtle Bay
4.02.13 – Approaching Turtle Bay …

Anchored in Turtle Bay4.02.13 – Anchored in Turtle Bay … a moment of stillness

Baja Coastline
4.02.13 – The forever beautiful Baja coastline …

The Baja Coast4.01.13


Autopilot4.01.13 – Here’s the autopilot, manually restored!

Dave & Heather w/ the compass
4.01.13  – Dave & Heather – a small compass in her hand and a big one in front of the wheel.

Mainsail 2nd Reef3.31.13 – Mainsail up half-way in 2nd Reef

Captain Tim Eades3.31.13 – Captain Tim Eades

Baja Coastline
3.31.13 – The Dry Baja Coastline 

Crew Cups in Galley3.31.13 – The Cup Rack in the Galley

Baja Coastline3.30.13 – Baja Coast North of Cabo San Lucas

Dave H. & John 3.30.13 – Meet a few of the crew: Dave Hardy (Engineer) & Jonathan Pond (IT Specialist)


BDX1_sunset_3.303.30.13 – Sunset … Day One