While the expedition is happening, we encourage all who have an interest to come jump deeper into the wonders and beauty of the natural world that Dave is traversing.

The most direct way to do that is by using our Explorer “Study” Guides/ Worksheets.
These are well-designed and printable pages on subjects highly relevant to what Dave is encountering in the real world.


Our approach is firmly grounded in the notion that we learn best what we learn from each other.  So, in addition to the Explorer Guides, we also offer a Mentoring Guide to assist those of you who want to share the guides materials with those of student age.

To learn more about our approach to learning, go to The Origins of BDX.

And here are the new guides we have created for the Global Circumnavigation.

• Our Watery World
• Wind & Weather
• Math
• Sea Life
• Oceanography
• Sailboat Glossary
• Mentor Guide

In addition, we have our Citizen Science Resource Page, where you can find out how to become even more involved in self-directed “learning and discovery.” Our resident scientist, Tegan Mortimer, has curated this page … and has contributed 10 wonderful and rich Science Notes on subjects relevant to the Circumnavigation.

We also encourage you to send along any questions, ideas or suggestions you might have. Use the BDX Contact Us form, or the BDX Facebook page or email us at

Thank you!

- The Bodacious Expeditionary Learning Force