Get Involved! (Transpac)

For those of you who want to get more involved with our Trans-Pacific expedition … we’d like to share with you our Bodacious  Dream Expedition (BDX) Game Plan!

The Expedition (as well as the race) gets underway on July 11th and it’s a 2250 mile run  from Long Beach, CA to Honolulu HI … aboard our host vessel, the 52′ Santa Cruz, Bodacious IV


 Right here on the Bodacious Dream Expeditions website, you will find all the important information on our Transpacific Expedition.

 The Latest Updates page here is where ALL new posts will go first … and it will carry the chronological stream back to the start.

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Here on the BDX site, we’ve uploaded our two Transpac “Explorer Guides.” These are our youth-focused study guide “worksheets,” on the subjects of math, general knowledge and a sailing glossary) all relative to the sea, sailing and land we will be traveling over or near.

If you are a teacher or if have any kids in your vicinity, we encourage you to be a “mentor” by sharing with them the materials and opportunities that the expedition offers, and working with them on some of the questions and problems the guides pose, AND by following us along as we make our way north. I’m betting there are even a few questions there that will give the adults a challenge too.

Here’s the map of our route here soon so you can keep daily track of our progress.  (Put in on the fridge!)


Here, by way of example, is how I would share the Expedition with my young friends Brett and Harry. (This how-to stuff can all be found on the BDX website at the “Mentor Guide” page.)

 First off, I’d show them the website and help them read through the front information pages. Go to the “Expeditions Overview” section and under “BoDream Expedition #3 (Trans-Pacific) and select and print out the Transpacific OverviewThis is a few pages of information about the route and is a fairly quick and easy reading. And again, there is a Map to print out and reference.

 Next, I’d go to the “Explorer Guides.” These subject-specific worksheets are designed to be printed out and used for fun exchanges with the kids. A bunch of the questions can simply be answered by referring back to the information contained on the Transpacific Overview page. In addition, you can have fun figuring out other problems posed about distances, speeds and how we navigate.

 Then each day, probably in the early afternoon, check the site for the latest daily update on the Live Updates page. There will be photos from the boat, stories about our day and maybe a video or two about fun things we do or see along the way. You’ll be able to plot our course, figure out where we are and follow right along with our progress.

 At any time, feel free to send along any questions, ideas or suggestions you might have right to Capt. Dave. Use the BDX Contact Us form, or the BDX Facebook page … or is another good address.

Beyond that, the rest is pretty much up to you. Be curious, ask questions, do some addtional exploring on your own and strike up conversations!

My broader hope in all this, is to find new ways to share the wonders of the majestic ocean, the excitement of sailing as well as the pure fun of sharing new experiences with adults of all persuasions and children of all ages. We would like nothing more to awaken bodacious dreams in the minds of youngsters, such that one day we may see them (and you as well) out on the ocean and exploring the wonders of the Earth on their own.

It certainly began that way for me. Such are the nature of big dreams!

We MORE than welcome your input! We’re counting on it. Thank you one and all!

Ok then, on to it! See you out there!

– Dave & Bodacious Sailing Team