Land-Based Crew

One of the important parts of launching a new initiative like Bodacious Dream Expeditions is to imagine who in the world might understand what it is we are trying to do here, and who among those people might take the extra step of getting involved with us and with this wild idea of ocean-based mobile learning. What teachers out there might see it as a worthy addition to their day-to-day classroom activities? What scientists or naturalists out there might be inspired enough by what we are doing to lend us a little of their many years of knowledge and experience in the earth sciences?

It is difficult to imagine how we can grow this idea without the help of people out there in the world who can see ways that what we are doing out here on the water can help to enrich the lives of real students and curiosity-seekers of all ages.

As we say elsewhere on the site, we are in the process of forming an alliance with Earthwatch Institute that we expect to be very exciting … but more than that, we need all sorts of other supporters and motivated allies to help us transform this dream of an expedition into something truly bodacious.

We hope you will find the opportunity worthy of your consideration. Feel free to contact us