Circumnavigation: Leg 2

LEG 2 • Cape Town, SA to Wellington, New Zealand (36 Days – 6931 Miles)

Leg 2

#4) Commence onward to WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND

Wellington, NZ

Coordinates: 41°17’2.19″S, 174°48’44.57″E – Google Maps

Length of sail:
 6931 miles
Expected duration of sail: Approximately 36 Days

Goal: Wellington, NZ is on the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand. It is also the birthplace of Bodacious Dream as she was launched there in December 2011. The plan is to visit many interesting natural sites around New Zealand. Almost half the world’s cetaceans (whales, porpoises and dolphins) have been reported in nearby waters. For example, endemic Hector’s dolphins (found nowhere else), rare beaked whales, New Zealand sea lions (found only in our southern waters), and the widely distributed New Zealand fur seals(keen.) Other seals that visit our shores occasionally, such as the southern elephant seal (ihupuku) and the leopard seal are to be found as well.