Mobile Development Project

I am trying to connect with a skilled mobile developer to help me shape a plan to create a dedicated mobile/tablet side for an older sports handicapper site that can be viewed @

That site has a fairly complicated, old and now re-patched CMS and commerce side. Changing the desktop version radically, at this time, is NOT going to happen. The challenge then is to build a fairly “independent” mobile/tablet version of the desktop site – that allows full e-commerce purchasing capability – WITHOUT making more than minimal adjustments to the admittedly OLD desktop site.I realize that’s a tall order… and may not be possible to do properly… but IDEAL would be if there was a way to leave the CMS/ Admin only accessible from the desktop … while still allowing the mobile-friendly public-facing side to appear on mobile/tablet.

One respected developer I worked with suggested using Bootstrap 3. … which is fine … but as described, it still sounds like too much in the way of changes to the desktop site.

A second respected developer suggested creating mobile-only stylesheets, which would adjust the desktop experience to fit much better onto mobile. Taking an iterative approach here he suggested might allow us to incrementally make individual elements of the interface mobile-friendly. But will this direction ultimately deliver a stable platform?

Any other connections, I would be very grateful for. Thank you!
Mark Petrakis
415-608-8455 (c)