The BDX Story

The Story of Bodacious Dream Expeditions is a story of learning and discovery, born of obstacles and challenges. It is also a story that is born of Skipper Dave Rearick‘s own rich and self-directed life experiences.

:: In the First Part of the BDX Story, we will look at the “origins” of BDX. Why was it that on top of sailing around the world, which is kind of enough of a challenge on its own… did we feel the need to build out an educational outreach component.  Why did we create explorer Guides in the first place? What were we thinking?

:: In the Second Part of the BDX Story, we look at the three Bodacious Dream Expeditions that preceded the Circumnavigation. The first of those in February of 2013 was a guide to a journey made by Dave and the crew of Bodacious IV along the coast of the Baja Peninsula. The next expedition coincided with the 2013 Atlantic Cup Race, of which Dave and co-skipper Matt Scharl were overall winners.

:: The Third part of the BDX Story brings us up to the present and to the solo circumnavigation, which is just about completed. We explain what we are up to with our Explorer Guides and with our Citizen Science Resources and through Tegan’s Science Notes, as well as more recently our Expert Interviews

It’s a growing story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Hopefully, you will find something in it to serve as an inspiration to inspire you to dream more bodaciously!

Thank you,

– Dave and the Expeditionary Learning Force