BoDream Expeditions (Baja -Day5 -The Seagull)

While at the helm of Bodacious IV Thursday morning, Dave and the Bodacious Dream Expeditions crew were visited by a seagull … and Heather was there to capture it on video. It was a kind of spiritual moment for Dave. As he says … “You see I lost a great friend about 10 years back in a solo sailing race on Lake Michigan. Mike Silverthorne was a giant of a man … both in person and physical stature .. with as large a heart and hearty a laugh as anyone I ever knew. An American Indian, Mike was constantly reassuring us all with his laughter over the radio. We nicknamed him “Laughing Gull.” Since he passed, every time I am visited by a seagull either on land or at sea, I can’t help but think that Mike, with his large wingspan, is gliding through from another dimension and reaching out to me … for one more sail, one more story, one more laugh.”