Bodacious Dream WINS the 2013 Atlantic Cup Race!

In what was an amazing finish to an amazing day’s racing to an AMAZING three-week long competition, Bodacious Dream today was declared the winner of the 2013 Atlantic Cup Race!!

Bodacious Dream at the finish line!
Bodacious Dream at the Jamestown FiSH Finish Line

The competion through all three legs of the event was non-stop … and every victory was hard-won and well-deserved. Huzzah to all seven teams and to the Atlantic Cup Race organizers … and HUGE congrats to co-skippers, Dave Rearick and Matt Scharl, to the great inshore crew and to the whole Bodacious Dream Team!

Today proved to be another incredible day on the water. It is in the nature of these competitions, that fortunes can change so quickly … and going into this last day, it was still a wide-open race – with #118 Bodacious Dream leading #121 Lecoq Cuisine by just ONE point, followed by #116 Icarus NINE points behind BoDream. So, the pressure was on everyone!

The fleet at the start – Photo by Billy Black 

Icarus had an incredible day, winning both Sunday races, which after their one first and two seconds yesterday, made them the clear winner of the inshore leg of the competition. Congrats to the inshore ninjas of #116.

Bodacious Dream & Icarus
#118 Bodacious Dream & #116 Icarus – Photo by Billy Black 

Throughout both of today’s races though, Bodacious Dream held rock steady, rarely slipping position. With the exception of a 6th place finish in the second Saturday race, Bodacious took one of the top three positions in all the other 4 inshore races.

Lecoq Cuisine had to outpace Bodacious Dream today if they were going to grab the prize, but they couldn’t do it, finishing today’s races in 4th and 5th position respectively. Remember it was Lecoq Cuisine, who finished just 8.5 and then 5 minutes behind Bodacious Dream in the two offshore legs of the race. Throughout the competition, they proved themselves great sailors and awesome competitors – and much respect goes their way.

Atlantic Cup Leaderboard
• Here for you are the results of today’s two “inshore” races.

:: FOURTH Class40 inshore race: 1st-Icarus 2nd-GryphonSolo2 3rd-Bodacious Dream 4th- Lecoq Cuisine 5th-40 Degrees 6th-Pleiad 7th-Dragon

:: FIFTH Class40 inshore race: 1st-Icarus 2nd-Bodacious Dream 3rd-GryphonSolo2 4th- 40 Degrees 5th-Lecoq Cuisine 6th-Dragon 7th-Dragon

:: Overall Atlantic Cup Race Standings:

That’s about it for now. We’ll be back to you here soon with commentary, photos and videos  and a real wrap-up soon!

Remember, more frequent updates can always be found at the Bodacious Dream Facebook Page!

And one more big thank you for following along, and for all your good wishes and excitement. It makes a big difference when you’re pushing hard out there, to know you have such super support in your corner.

– Dave, Matt and the Bodacious Dream Team