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(as told by Skipper Dave Rearick – in 3 Parts)
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Part 2: BDX THEN

Here is some of what we have done so far in the service of teaching ourselves (and each other) to conduct Bodacious Dream Expeditions.

:: Our FIRST EXPEDITION at the end of March of 2013, was along the coast of the BAJA PENINSULA. Our vessel for that undertaking was our Transpac entry and sister-ship, the beautiful Bodacious IV

Our Bodacious Dream Expeditions Trailer!

Our five-person crew was comprised of many old and trusted friends, several of whom go back with me to our early sailing days on Lake Michigan where I grew up, and those exciting early Mackinac Races. It is this same group of colleagues who buoyed along by the vision and support of our other dear friends, Jeff Urbina and Gaye Hill, have helped keep all things Bodacious on the high seas and moving forward to the next destination – even when fate finds us flying by the seat of our pants!

For the Baja Expedition, with the help of our onshore team, we created study materials; an Overview of the Baja Peninsula as well as six Explorer Study Guides specific to the subjects of Math, History, Wild Life, Environment, Geography as well as a Glossary of Terms.

Explorer Guide
An example of what one of our Explorer Guides look like … 

After we published these materials, we shared with our various friends and followers, how to use them. We encouraged people (and teachers) to print out the materials and to follow our progress alongside and mentoring  the younger people in their lives. We also did some pre-expedition videos, such as this one.

Dave visits Captain Ann at the SeaBreeze Limited nautical chart store in San Diego.

The expedition departed from Cabo San Lucas and along the way to San Diego, we saw and we learned what there was to see and learn. Over the course of 10 days, we made many interesting discoveries and generated many Expedition updates, each accompanied by cool photos and videos. We also received and responded to questions from the public … and our crew of five kept coming up with new things to explore and share.

:: Our SECOND EXPEDITION back aboard Bodacious Dream, took place concurrently to the ATLANTIC CUP RACE in May 2013 … and while here again we prepared study materials, an Overview and Explorer Guides, the time and effort it took to actually sail (and win) the race left less time than we would have liked to generate deeper learning updates. Still, we did what we could, – and we SURE were happy to have won the race!

  • (Get a one-page recap of the Atlantic Cup, with links within it, HERE!) 

Bodacious Dream NYCBodacious Dream in NYC harbor …

:: Our THIRD EXPEDITION was in July 2013 back aboard Bodacious IV, and was similarly designed to coincide with the TRANSPAC Race from California to Hawaii … and this time, while I was optimistically hoping that more crew meant more downtime and thus more time to post videos and longer learning-directed updates, once again the realities of racing, somewhat slowed our ability to generate more media or to interact more with people on Facebook. Still, the updates were steady, and thanks to our onshore team, we got the message out there as best we could – and once again we had a helluva grand time out there!

  • (Get a one-page recap of the Transpac, with links within it, HERE!) 

So, while we have learned much over the course of the three expeditions, what we see now, is that in moving forward, we must strengthen our focus, expand our reach, make clearer our goals and give ourselves the time that we need to do this big job right … which is to get Bodacious Dream Expeditions up there and out there, where people can see it, and so be inspired to help us (help them) make it the great and new “mobile-learning platform” we know it can be.

– Dave Rearick & the Bodacious Dream Expeditionary Force

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