Departure from Newport – Circumnavigation Day 01

Day 01 : Atlantic Coast 

I departed Newport and Jamestown Harbor yesterday, Wednesday, October 2nd a bit belatedly (12:25 EDT,) as my “top associate” Tim Eades had gotten held up back at Hinckley’s Boatyard. It was a nice sendoff. There were some folks from the local paper, sailing fans as well as a merry host of friends – some of whom are pictured here in this photo.

Circum Departure Day

From left to right … that’s Billy Black (Sailing Photographer) and his assistant Megan Beauchemin, then Julianna Barbieri and Hugh Piggin (from 11th Hour Racing and presenters of the Atlantic Cup Race) then Rick Palin (Board Member for Hurricane Island Outward Bound), then to the left and right of yours truly (in my new super shades,) dear friends Beach Baywood and Mary Zemansky. Thanks for being there, guys.

So, after some more pics and goodbyes … and actually having had an ok night of sleep, I was all ready to go. Had a great sail out the bay accompanied by Joe Harris on his Class40, Gryphon Solo.

BoDream and Gryphon Solo@BillyBlack

Once I was out in open water, I began to settle into the boat, and the motion of the water began to bring out my fatigue issues. Being ashore for a while always means a period of reacquainting yourself with the sea, with its soothing motions, sounds and smells. It always seems to take a couple of days for the emotional wavelength to transform  from the state of heightened preparation and having to push time over to the more relaxed state where you are being pushed by time (and waves and wind.) That’s when you slip back into a comfort zone with the boat and environment. I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be even more acclimated. Working so hard to get the boat ready left me pretty worn down … so I just napped through the night and nibbled on turkey and cheese. I read a few pages of a book … but couldn’t really get into it. This is typically how it goes for the first couple of days.

-70.9340, 40.7413Sunset on Day One

Last night, the sky was all full of stars as the moon was just a sliver at the end of the night. The winds blew about 20 knots as I headed out of Narragansett Bay, but by morning they had diminished to just 6 knots and from straight behind, so I threw the motor on to aid the sails. Now will begin the never-ending calculations of fuel consumption and distance. The overall course is largely designed to track good sailing winds, but here along the coast, the winds come and go more – so there may be more calls for the motor.

Also, I think I’m going to make a short stop in Bermuda – fill up on fuel and take care of any issues that arise in the run down there. The whole “electronics/ satcom/ connectivity/ %*^#&!” thing is a little sub-agenda all of its own. I’ve begun a dialogue with our KVH SatDome. We’ll see if we strike a rapport.

Later this afternoon, I’ll slow down and do the first experiments for Earthwatch, using the “Secchi disc” and the water filter gear. (More on that soon.)

And that’s pretty much it for Day One. We’re on our way now!

Best to all,

– Dave & Bodacious Dream

Coordinates: 40 28.7942 N, 70 46.3949 W

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