BoDream Expedition (Baja – Day1)

We untied Bodacious IV, Saturday at Noon, PST time and motored out of the Cabo San Lucas Harbor past many people vacationing and swimming among the beautiful beaches.

After finishing up final sorting and storing of the gear, as well as a final safety meeting, we got off to a good, but late start. While all five of us are very experienced sailors, we’ve never all sailed with each other before, and it’s necessary for safety purposes that we all have the same understanding of the procedures, so that should an emergency arise, we know not only where everything is, but also what each other is (or should be) thinking.

Baja Coastline

Just after we turned around the first corner and headed in the general direction of our destination San Diego, we were treated to a most wonderful site – a humpback whale surfaced and waved its tail at us as if to wish us off on a good trip! Unfortunately, we weren’t quick enough with the camera to capture it, but we certainly are planning on seeing more whales along the way. It was difficult to tell the length and size of this humpback, but we know they are generally 39–52 ft (12–16 meters) long and weigh approximately 79,000 lbs (36,000 kilograms) They are famous for their songs. (Do you know how long they typically live? You can find the answer in our Wild Life Explorer Guide.)

We were also visited by a school of dancing porpoises and a large turtle, but again, it was difficult to get the cameras on them. We’ll be quicker and  better prepared for the next round of visits!

Dave H. & John
Meet a few of the crew: Dave Hardy (Engineer) & Jonathan Pond (IT Specialist)

It looks now like the wind is going to be against us for most of the trip. That is going to make it more difficult than we’d hoped to sail, and we’ll most likely have to motor much of the way. There is a high pressure system moving north of us off San Diego, (the dark blue and green in the upper left corner of the wind map below) which is producing winds that circle high pressure in a clockwise direction. With the high pressure pushing from the left and in front of us, those winds will come down directly on our bow, and so act to push us away from our destination.

The moon rose behind us last night, as we were about 60 miles south of Magdelana Bay. We’ve been told by other sailors that know this route and these waters – to stay relatively close to the shore to stay out of the worst winds and waves. It does seem to make the trip smoother to be in about 60 feet of water.

BDX1_sunset_3.30Sunset … Day One

So hopefully, the new day will allow us to get some video. In the meantime, If you care to, go ahead and ask us some questions. To do that, just go HERE and fill in the form.

And to all of you … have a lovely and peaceful holiday!

– Dave R., Tim Heather, Jonathon and Dave H.

Bodacious Dream Expedition Day #1 Position:
23 48.191′ N, 110 45.552′ W
Course 319 (Angle on the 360 Degree Compass (more on that soon)

How U Can Join BoDream Expedition #1!

Now that the Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas race is over and Bodacious IV is berthed in Cabo, our hope is to commence the expedition tomorrow, Saturday, March 30th. We’ve got some things we need to do aboard Bo IV before we can take off – such as stock provisions, fuel as well as clean and change the prop from a racing prop to a more efficiently powered prop for motoring purposes. And naturally, we want to give Bo IV’s Captain Tim Eades a chance to rest up a bit, after a job well-done! So, now that the dockside celebrations are over, the BDX crew and myself are cleaning and preparing for the upcoming trip.

So, moving forward with the actual BDX Game Plan … here it is … 


The Bodacious Dream Expeditions website has all the important information on our Baja Peninsula Expedition. (This is a 5-6 day sail from Cabo to San Diego, CA aboard the 52′ Bodacious IV – w/ our crew of 5.)

The Live Latest Updates page on the BDX site is where ALL new posts will go first … and it will carry the chronological stream back to the start.

 Our Bodacious Dream Expeditions Facebook page is also ready to keep you updated as well. For those of you who do Facebook, that will be an easy way to keep up with the daily updates. So, make sure you LIKE us over there … to receive those updates in your newsfeed.


On the BDX site, we’ve uploaded our six “Explorer Guides.” These are our youth-focused study guide “worksheets,” in a variety of subjects (math, history, wild life, etc.) relative to the Baja and to sailing. They’re pretty cool … even if I do say so myself! (Thanks to our great team!)

Explorer Guide


One way you might get more involved is if you have any kids in your vicinity, we encourage you to be a “mentor” by sharing with them the materials and opportunities that the expedition offers, and working with them on some of the questions and problems the guides pose, AND by following us along as we make our way north. I’m betting there are even a few questions there that will give the adults a challenge too.

There’s also a sweet printable map of our route to help you keep daily track of our progress.  (Put in on the fridge!)

Baja Map


Here, by way of example, is how I would share the Expedition with my young friends Brett and Harry. (This how-to stuff can all be found on the BDX website at the “Mentor Guide” page.)

First off, I’d show them the website and help them read through the front information pages. Go to the “Expedition Overview” section and print out the Baja Peninsula page. This is a few pages of information about the Baja Peninsula and should be quick and easy reading. And again, there is the Baja Map to print out and reference.

BDX Navigation

Next, I’d go to the “Explorer Guides.” These subject-specific worksheets are designed to be printed out and used for fun exchanges with the kids. A bunch of the questions can simply be answered by referring back to the information contained on the Baja Peninsula page. In addition, you can have fun figuring out other problems posed about distances, speeds and how we navigate.

Then each day, probably in the early afternoon, I’d check the site for the latest daily update on the Live Updates page. There will be photos from the boat, stories about our day and maybe a video or two about fun things we do or see along the way. You’ll be able to plot our course, figure out where we are and follow right along with our progress.

At any time, feel free to send along any questions, ideas or suggestions you might have right to Capt. Dave. Use the BDX Contact Us form, or the BDX Facebook page … or is another good address.

Beyond that, the rest is pretty much up to you. Be curious, ask questions, do some addtional exploring on your own and strike up conversations!

My broader hope in all this, is to find new ways to share the wonders of the majestic ocean, the excitement of sailing as well as the pure fun of sharing new experiences with adults of all persuasions and children of all ages. We would like nothing more to awaken bodacious dreams in the minds of youngsters, such that one day we may see them (and you as well) out on the ocean and exploring the wonders of the Earth on their own.

It certainly began that way for me. Such are the nature of big dreams!

We MORE than welcome your input! We’re counting on it. Thank you one and all!

Ok then, on to it! See you out there!

– Dave, Bodacious Dream, Bodacious IV & the Crew

Capt. Dave Visits the Amazing Chart Store (Video)

Captain Dave Rearick of Bodacious Dream visits and spends some time with Captain Ann from the nautical chart store, Sea Breeze Limited in San Diego – They discuss the Baja Peninsula and look at some other great and beautiful charts, as well some that will be used for the first upcoming Bodacious Dream Expedition of the Baja Peninsula – beginning on March 29th, 2013.  For the longer version, go here …